How Does it Works?

The (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites have accurate cloths and use radio signals to broadcast location information. A GPS receiver on the ground picks the signals from the satellite to the determine the location of the entity. With our software, a base station or network links, location can be determined

When and where?

We integrate a range of technologies including GPS, GPRS with application software. Which allows customer to manage, collect and analyze information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable

Who Should use It?

The usage and application areas of this solutions are unlimited. You could be a travel company engaging vehicles a school doing a daily shuttle. The benefits are generic on your application which is designed to suite your environement. It will help optimize your operations in terms of cost and control. Our services can be customized base upon your requirements

Technology at work for you!

Connecting your business to the technology resources you need

Go Track is a service enabled through positioning technologies including GPS and GPRS with application software to track, control and manage your fleet. With a GPS device installed on your vehicle, GO Track will empower you to track the real time location of your vehicles and effectively manage items. The information is interfaced online or through SMS and could be accessed from your mobile phone.


Live monitoring on Map:

Go Track can be used to monitor the vehicle or asset’s movement online. When the assets moves this will draw a green line which will show the actual trail of the vehicle movement. This is useful for applications like call taxis and emergency fleet service operations tor monitor and dispatch

Route history/ Play backs:

Go Track keeps the history of the vehicle’s movement accurately. The users can play the vehicles movement for the past few days upto 3 months| and find out the exact nature of movement or route taken by the vehicles. The route history reports are also downloadable in PDF/Excel/XML and Google earth KML file.

Schedule Alerts and Emails:

Go Track tracking exception alerts can be scheduled so that they do not disturb users at unwanted time. Email alerts can be scheduled for position update to users.


Go Track has many type of alerts like Over speeding, idle time, way point reach, Area reach and exit, route breach, fence idle, scheduled alerts, cross district, cross states etc., the alerts are generated by the use of latest technologies like complex event processors. This ensure that the alerts are generated.


Go Track is a very powerful tool and has strong fencing capabilities. Users can draw and area on the map and then configure alerts if the fence is entered/exit/breached.

Alerts via SMS, Mobile notification and Email:

Go Track alert delivered to both email and web SMS, giving 99% delivering gurantee within 1 minute of the alert being generated.

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